Windowed Bias, 2018

Windowed Bias Artwork

Cognitive bias is seemingly a natural and human phenomenon. Yet, across the western world, we find ourselves in somewhat nail-biting election seasons while simultaneously immersed in social media bubbles. It has become harder to find oneself within a constructive conflict – the kind of conflict that shakes our biases into new forms. Then, also, technological inventions are filled with artificial intelligences that gives a promising computational world full of “objective” decision-making. So it seems anyways. While art can give us the chance to see the world around us in a new way – a reflection bound in being subjective.

The machine was taught to draw in Hookway’s artistic style – her mark making bias comes to live a life of its own – alighting as a window to a new view. A view that brings part order and part chaos, but most importantly, a view of a cognitive reflection. Hookway, Garneij and Kanljung continue to experiment with these machine-assisted pieces.