[Self] Confidence

[Self] Confidence reveals an experience where the viewer uniquely feels the tension between the dangers of been seen and the dangers of not being seen. In her book The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, the theorist Shoshana Zuboff argues that the goal of the surveillance capitalist is to change us. This entails that what is at stake is our agency in how we behave, how we choose, how we connect, how we vote… they capitalize on our experiences. This is a far cry from the exploitation of our labor. [Self] Confidence tells us, in confidence, what it has seen. And thus, gives the viewer the power to reflect with an individualized, and even an emotional, response to the limitations of the systems that surveils us.

[Self] Confidence was produced by ICIA for the Rob Law Exhibition. This piece was critically reviewed by Sara Arvidsson of the Göteborg Post on 31 August 2019 (link).